The privacy and protection of our clients personal data is of high priority to us. Our aim is that you feel safe during your browsing and consider the protection of personal data implementation a customer – driven feature. Please read carefully the following privacy policy for your own information regarding your rights and automatic personal data processing from our website that is complied with the General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR 2016/679), the Regulation of it is in the following link:  The Regulation demands that every information is concise, accessible and intelligible for the processing of personal data. For this reason:

Our website refers to the provided services and to business news as well. Browsing into our website is through a safe server with a Standard SSL protocol – encryption 256 bit.

Minors that use the website have access only with their parents consent. In any other case opposite to the condition mentioned, minors should refrain from browsing the website above.

What we mean under the term personal data and which of them we collect.

“Personal data” is every information regarding an identifiable or identified natural person. Anonymous information is not included. When you fill in the contact form in our website, you are at the same time subscribers who are able to receive our newsletter, you are connected to our website through a social media, you ask information of after sales support, you use the on line / message boards feature of our website, we then collect the information given by you, information like your contact details, that we can also receive from a third party, like technical data and monitoring data from the best providers like google analytics, google ecc or from third parties that is allowed by law to provide to us all this information to us. This use will be done only if the law permits us to do so.  We do not collect special categories of your personal data like those who are related to your racial or ethnic origin, your political, religious, philosophical beliefs, or your participation in labor unions, as also genetic data for the undeniable identification of a person, health data, data that are connected to a person’s sexual orientation (Article 9 paragraph 1 GDPR) or data about someone’s prosecution or criminal sentence. (Article 10 / GDPR). If the collection of your personal data is not allowed to us, for the purposed that are mentioned here, we may not be able to offer to you our services in the best way possible.

How and why we use your personal data?

When this use is necessary for the performance of a contract of which you are a party, for example when you purchase something from our e-shop or physical shop, as also when this use is necessary for the our legal compliance to archive your data for  accounting and fiscal purposes.

Advertisement – marketing

After you expressed your agreement and according to the personal data you have granted to us, we will proceed to sending messages through email, SMS, viber ecc, so that we inform you about our products and services. You can stop receiving newsletters and messages any time you wish whether by cancelling this opportunity in the link at the end of the newsletter or by contacting with our customer service in the number +302222091204 or by sending an email in

Participation in competitions

You have the possibility through our website or through our social media to participate in competitions. All the personal data that you provide to us for this reason, will be used only for this purpose mentioned (winner announcement, winner notification, present shipping). We will work on these data after you have given to us your agreement, which you can anytime cancel through the ways mentioned above. The transmission to a party can be done only if this necessary for the carrying out of the competition (f.i sending the present through a cooperating transport company). The further transmission to a party is prohibited. After the end of a competition and the announcement of the winners, their data are kept during all the time of existence of a legal guarantee so that the afterward replacement or exchange in a case of a defect is possible.

Use of cookies

The cookies are some small parts of a code that track your steps while you “surf” in our website and they are separated into:

“Cookies” that are necessary for the recognition or/and preservation of the content that the subscriber or user inserts during a session in a website an during this connection, for example during the filling of a contact form. In the same category are the “persistent cookies” that are set for the same reason and they last for some hours.

“Cookies” that are necessary for the authentication of the subscriber or user in services that demand authentication (ex. during banking transactions).

“Cookies” that are set for the security of the subscriber / user ex. those that track repeated entering failed methods in a very specific website.

“Cookies” with multimodal content like “flash player cookies” during a session in a website. These examples are the cookies that are set for a video streaming in the website that the user has visited.

“Cookies” which are necessary for a website load balancing.

“Cookies” that “remember” the selections of a subscriber / user regarding the presentation of the website (ex.  language selection cookies or searching results).

“Cookies” that are set through extra programs (plug ins) in social media WebPages and have to do with the content sharing among the certified members that are logged in.

“First party Cookies” that are set for advertise reasons by the website provider himself as the “Third party Cookies” which are set by others (ex advertise networks) through the website provider.

“Cookies” that are set by others (ex. Advertise networks) through the website provider (third party cookies) and they are necessary for other reasons (ex. GTS’ market research and analysis, improvement of advertised products, ecc) and they are not directly related with the user’s recognition.

“Web analytics cookies’ for statistical reasons.

After using our website, you should agree upon the cookie category you allow us to set. By entering in our home page you receive notification for the use of cookies and the possibilities of the unset condition or not.

Your data transmission to other parties is generally prohibited

Exceptionally the data are processed by those who are authorized by us. Those are very selectively chosen by us according to the Article 28 GDPR. Moreover we may have to transfer some parts of your request to our counterparts (ex. o suppliers for product requests) in order to process your request. Those may be auditors and professional advisors (attorneys, accounting advisors, bank) and/or goods transportation companies, provider companies like marketing services, advertise, technical support, optimization and website hosting companies, payment control companies, jurisdiction for prosecuting / preventing cybercrime, consumer protection services, for cases of malicious use, social media if you chose to connect your account with our website. If required, only in special occasion, the transmission of your personal data we will inform you properly to receive your agreement. We do NOT transfer your personal data to recipients outside the European Union.

For how long we keep your personal data

The computers and the programs that our company uses are made in a way so as to limit the use of your personal data to the minimum. These data are processed only for the purposes mentioned in this policy and they will be stored for the period needed to fulfill these purposes. In any case the criterion that is used for the data storage period is based on the compliance with the deadlines that are allowed by the law and the principles of data minimization, the restriction of storage or the wise management of our archives.

Learn your rights according to the GDPR

If you are a European Union resident, you have the following rights :

All the rights mentioned above are subjected to specific regulations concerning the moment you can exercise them. You don’t have to pay to obtain access to your personal data  (or to exercise some of your rights)unless your request is unrealistic, repeated, or excessive) then we have the legal right not to comply with.

We may ask for some additional information so that we can verify your identity when you ask for access to your rights as a security measure that your personal data will not be revealed to others. In every request of yours, we will respond through the period of one (1) month. In case we need more time due to complexity reasons or number of requests, we shall inform you.

The following privacy policy was updated on the 6th December 2019.

Please check periodically any necessary amendments.

The responsible for the data processing is Maro Tsoli with whom you can contact  (+30 22220.91.204, for every question you may have for the privacy policy of your rights exercising, which arise from the GDPR.