Terms of use

Terms of use of the website www.maestraliaskyros.gr

The website www.maestraliskyros.gr, (from now on called the website) offers its services under the following terms of use that the visitor / user of its pages has to read carefully and use its services only under the condition that he accepts them as a total. Where the rights, obligations and ownerships of the website are referred, it is meant the business under the name FULLY FURNISHED RESIDENCES MAESTRALIA (from now on the “COMPANY”.


The website is a cοrporate site that informs the visitor about the amenities of the business. Moreover in the pages of the website there are any kind informative articles. The already existing services as the new ones that may be included are subjected to the current terms of use. The visitor/user has the services access responsibility which may demand a third party payment (internet suppliers, internet time charge). For this access the website bears no responsibility not only from a technical aspect but also regarding some possible payable amounts as well. The visitor / user is also responsible for his personal equipment with all the necessary technological means that allow him an access in the services and in the website of www.maestraliaskyros.gr.

In these terms of use the privacy policy is also included, where the management of the members/visitors/users personal data is explained, according to the current legal system  (EU REGULATION 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL) and in addition according to the greek legislature concerning the Human protection from the Personal Data Processing (2472/1997), after the subjected changes.


After the visitors/users inscription in the newsletter, he will be given the chance to declare whether he wants to receive informative material or not.


The company hast the right to change or/and to stop permanently/temporarily a part or the whole of the website services with or without a warning to the users.


Beside the exceptions(copyrights of a third party, partners and other entities) all the content of the website : images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, supplied services are considered as copyrights, lodged badges and company’s badges, protected by the greek law provisions, European law provisions and international covenants and agreements. So, none of these can be partly or totally sold, copied, changed, reproduced, republished or “uploaded”, transmitted and distributed in any possible way. Exceptionally is only possible the saving of one and only copy of the content in a PC, for personal and not public or commercial use and without effacement of the origin proof from the COMPANY and without harming or offending the copyrights and industrial ownership. The rest of products and services that are mentioned in the pages of the website and they indicate the badges of the equivalent organizations, companies, entities partner, unions or editions, are their copyright and industrial ownership so their entities bear the responsibility. The user understands and accepts that he is not given the right to reproduce, copy, sell, after sell and/ or take advantage partially or totally the content of the COMPANY.


Keeping in mind the nature and the information amount of the Internet, under any circumstances, included a case of negligence, the COMPANY is not responsible or any kind of damage occurs to the visitor/user of the pages, services, options and content of the website. The content of the website are given the way they “really are” without any expressed or implied guarantee.

The COMPANY cannot guarantee that the pages, the services, the options and the content of the website will be offered without interruptions, errors and that the errors will be corrected. The COMPANY does not guarantee that this website itself or any closely related website or the servers through which those are subjected to the users’ disposal do not contain viruses or other harmful contents. The company does not guarantee at all the rightness, the wholeness, and the availability of the contents, pages, services, options or their results. The cost of potential adjustments or amendments is in charge of the visitor/user and at no means in the COMPANY.

The website is an informative / entertaining site in which its visitors are accurately and on the right time informed. The news and the information that are daily announced result from news report of its editors and partners. The website and its editors do not bear any responsibility for the posting that are made by signed partners, whose column is hosted in terms of cooperation with the website.


The content and the information of the website are an offer to its visitor / user and to the internet users’ community generally. It is not possible at no means to be considered as a valid information and/or advice neither encourage an accurate or inaccurate action for the business. It is COMPANY’S responsibility to collect, process, distribute the content, which does not guarantee its thoroughness, appropriateness and sufficiency or the absence or errors due to the great size and due to the participation of third parties (legal or natural person) during the primary output and its collection. Consequently, the visitors/users of the website, by using willingly its services, they bear the responsibility for the verification of the information supplied.



The COMPANY bears no responsibility for the user’s communication with services suppliers’ parties that advertise themselves in the website and for the potential commercial transaction may arise between their relationships.

In the COMPANY’S website content they may are some citation (third party links, plug-ins, applications ecc) in other websites, that they are not controlled by the COMPANY. So, the users when selecting these links are automatically transferred to the third party websites that are subjected to their privacy policy and conditions.

The website contains advertisements and other material with advertising content, character and purpose from third organizations and advertising companies. The COMPANY bears no responsibility to the detriment of the users or to third parties who are insulted or offended for any illegal action or omission, inaccuracy or incapability of compliance to the laws and legislations of any country or the European Union regarding the content of the advertisements. The COMPANY is not obliged to control the legality or not of the advertising material that is shown in the website (except the obvious cases of a human rights offense which would be perceptible even by a prudent citizen) so the COMPANY does not bear any responsibility. This responsibility is incumbent on the advertisers, the sponsors and creators of this advertising material.


This privacy policy is valid only for this website and not for websites that belong to third parties. We can supply links to other websites that we believe are of interest to our visitors. Our target is to secure that these websites follow high standards. We cannot, though, guarantee the privacy policy of the websites that we connect, due to the nature of the internet and also we are not responsible for other websites’ content, except the website mentioned. The present privacy policy is not destined to be applied in no other website, except the website mentioned here.

The COMPANY does not control the availability, the content, the privacy policy, the quality and the services’ thoroughness of other websites and pages that hyperlinks or banners refer. Consequently, for every problem that the visitor/user faces, he has to address it to those websites and pages that bear the total responsibility for their services. The COMPANY is not supposed to accept at no means the content or the services of those websites and pages or that is connected to them in any possible way.


The conditions above and terms of use of the website and every possible change of them as well, are completed by the Greek law, the law of European Union and the national conventions. Every regulation of the conditions above is against the law, is automatically not anymore valid and is not written here anymore, which doesn’t mean that the rest of the terms are not valid. The present is the total agreement and commitment between the COMPANY and the visitor/user of the pages and the services. No change of the terms of use will be taken under consideration and will be not a part of this agreement, if it is not written and not incorporated to it. For any discrepancy that may arise from the use of the website, the only entity in charge is the Court of Chalkida.