Accommodation and tour

The Maestralia is the perfect destination for your accommodation in Skyros and it can be considered the starting point for your adventures on the beautiful island.
Skyros has a long cultural tradition with its traditional houses and the seaside villages and also the quaint churches. Skyros is famous for its little horses.
The town of Skyros is located under an imposing rock with the Byzantine castle. The houses of Skyros have flat roofs and a lavish interior decoration. The town of Skyros has a lot of popular art workshops, churches and interesting museums.

It is worth visiting the ruins of the ancient Acropolis, the Byzantine Castle, the ruins of the Diocese, the cutting wood sculpture, the statue of the eternal poetry, the stone theatre Faltaits, the Quarried Construction, the area Fere Kambos and the natural houses of Skyros! You can swim at Magazia, at the beach Papa Huma, at Linos, at Kareflou and at Palamari.
Aspou is a coastal settlement with the famous pottery workshop of Skyros. At the seaside village of Atsitsa there is a small island. In the area is worth visiting the church and the bay of Agios Petros.

Acherounes and Kalamitsa are holiday villages. In Kalamitsa you can visit the springs Loutro and Nifi, the Voukolinas region, the bay Renes and the Ari plateau. Linaria is a picturesque harbour of the island. Excursion boats carry holidaymakers to caves Xyloparati, Mantroucha and Pentekali and to Saraceno island with the beautiful beach of Glyfada.
The Magazia and the Molos, with the small port with the stone breakwater, are, also, holiday villages and in Pouria there is the ancient quarry, the church of St. Nicholas and the restored windmill that operates as a bar-restaurant. Gyrismata is a holiday resort, after Molos.

In Palamari bay have been found remains of a settlement of the early and middle Bronze Age. Visit the picturesque bay of Agios Fokas near the village of Pefko. The route from Aghios Fokas to Atsitsa will impress you.
Around Skyros there are the islands Saraceno, Palti, Exo Diavatis, Plaka, Mesa Diavatis, Lakkonisi, Thalia, Agios Fokas, Koulouri, Mirmigkonisia, Atsitsa, Kalogria, Podia, Vrykolakonisia. They are also located there, the islands Valaxa and Skiropoula.

From Skyros you can buy wooden furniture and decorative objects, ceramics and textiles, frumenty and split peas. In Skyros, you can try delicious fish and seafood, frumenty pie, pancakes, rooster with pasta and lobster with pasta.